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Buying GuideHow to Buy AC - Perfect AC Buying Guide 2021

How to Buy AC – Perfect AC Buying Guide 2021

How to Buy AC: It’s nothing better than AC in the summer season, and every one is suffering from the heat in summer days, as a result of that they tend to buy either AC or Cooler, right?

The advance technology has made many changes in the gadgets and the daily routine products which give us the full comfort.

If you are reading this article it means you are looking for the best AC to cool the air in your home or office.

But before buying or ordering the AC, it’s must to have the perfect knowledge about How to Buy AC and how many types of AC in the market and which one you will required for your purpose, are you agree with me?

There is also one option of AC that you buy a cooler, and both are better, but there is a difference between both and it causes the difference between both of them.

So, let me clear the difference between AC and Cooler first.

How to buy AC, Summer Heat

Difference Between AC and Cooler – AC V/S Cooler

You have seen the cooler and might have used the cooler as well, in the cooler, there is the space at bottom where we fill the water.

The water will up and down from the bottom to top again and again, and the fan will be running on during this process.

During this process, the water will be converted in the air particles and will be thrown out to your room as the cooled air which you feel.

But AC do not work on this fundamentals, AC cools the Air of your room directly, you can say that the AC works like Refrigerator, Refrigerator keeps the objects cool lying in it without water.

Similarly, if we assume our home as a room then AC keeps the air inside our room cool, it cools the every particle of air in our room.

In the cooler, you have to fill the water again and again when it is used full, whereas in AC, you just switch on the set the temperature and fan speed and direction.

The cooled air will keep coming to you until you switch it off.

Now, after coming to know about the difference between cooler and AC, If you might have decided to buy the AC, then do not go the shop or online portal to purchase the AC directly.

There are certain points and features that you should check and verify whether which kind of AC will be perfect for you.

In this article, I am going to show you all detailed about how to buy AC.

How to Buy AC for your Home or Office

As I mentioned earlier in this article, if you want to buy the AC, you should first list and analyze your requirements like your room size, window comfort, the space of your home, etc…

How many tons of AC you required for the electricity consumption and many other points you have to check and verify then plan to buy the AC.

So without wasting time, Let’s move on the other aspects which you need to keep in your mind while buying AC, so Let’s Explore How to Buy AC.

Types of AC

There are two types of AC available.

  • Window AC
  • Split AC

Don’t assume that which one is more featured and which one you should opt because both are good and same featured, but they both have been made for difference purpose which I will explain you.

Window AC

How to buy AC
Front View
How to buy AC
Back View

You might have some idea from the name of it, “Window AC”, you can fix this in the window of your room which’s the half portion will be in your room and the back half portion will be outside of your room.

The outside portion will fetch the hot or warm air from the atmosphere, convert it into the cool air and reflect in your room by the front portion.

But what if your room has not a window or a very small window in which the window AC can not be fixed?

For that purpose there is a Split AC.

Split AC

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According to the name, the Split AC is split in the two parts.

  • Front Part
  • Back Part

The Front part can be fixed at any place in the room and the back part you can fix anywhere out of your room and both part are connected with the pipeline for circulation and transportation of the air.

The back part which is out of your room fetches the hot or warm air from the outsider atmosphere, cools it and passes to the front part which is in your room through the pipeline and the front part passes that cool air in your room.

Both AC – Window AC and Split AC and same featured, you have to choose according to your home or room construction, if your room consists of the window in which you can fix the window AC, you can buy the Window AC else go for the Split AC.

Now if you have analyzed your requirements and decided which kind of AC you should buy, then let’s jump on the next point about how many tons of AC you should buy.

Tons of AC

You might be thinking what is Ton, is it the weight of AC, air passed by the AC, right?

Answer is No!

Let me explain this term by the Example.

There are many tons of AC in the market, like half ton, one tone, one and half ton, etc…

The AC of 1 Ton means, it can give the amount of cool air which can be produced by the 1 ton ice kept in the room.

In this case, the higher ton AC cools the air more, but it doesn’t mean that you have the small room and you purchased the more tons AC then it will cool your room in a very less time.

Yes, it can take little bit less time, but it will consume the more electricity.

If you have small room, then you should buy the less ton AC and it is more than enough because if you buy more ton AC for the small room then you will have to suffer a loss from two sides.

One is that the heavy ton AC are costly and they will consume the more electricity.

How Many Tons of AC You Should Buy?

Before selecting the ton of AC, you should confirm your room size, if your room is less than 100 sqft, then the half-ton AC is more than enough for you.

  • Less than 100 Sqft room size: 0.5 Tone
  • 100 Sqft to 150 Sqft: 1 Tone
  • 150 Sqft to 200 Sqft: 1.5 Tone

How to Choose Stars of AC?

Here stars do not stand for the Rating of AC, it indicates about the electricity consumption and energy ratings, the less star AC consumes the high electricity but it doesn’t mean that you can not buy the 1 star AC.

There are 5 stars of AC available that you can buy and there is a measurable difference between all star ACs.

If the usage of AC is not more, then you should not waste the money to buy the 5 star of 4 star AC, because as I mentioned that there a difference between all star AC’s price.

Inverter AC and Non Inverter AC

Now here many people get confused that they should buy an Inverter AC or Non Inverter AC.

But before that we should have information about what is inverter AC and what is non-inverter AC.

In non inverter AC, if you have set the temperature of 250 Celsius then after reaching the whole room temperature at 250 Celsius, the compressor will be turn off automatically and again it will switch on itself when the room temperature will increase.

This process will repeat it self again and again until you turn off the AC.

The major con of this non-inverter AC is that due to repetition of On-Off procedure of compressor it will consume the more electricity.

Whereas in Non-Inverter AC, the compressor does not switch off itself when temperature is set, it keeps itself slow and fast according to the temperature.

So, these are the major points that you should keep in your mind while purchasing the AC.


After reading full article, you might have got the perfect idea which AC you should buy and how to buy AC, after deciding your requirement, you should look for the good brand of AC which you can provide you the good featured AC in the Affordable rates.



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