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TechVery Important Updates about Windows 11 Pro 2022

Very Important Updates about Windows 11 Pro 2022

Windows 11: Many people are waiting for Win 11, I am also waiting for it because the features have been given so much in it.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has been highly praised for its operating system. And they keep updating their operating system year after year, which is also necessary to retain their customers.

Windows 7 arrived on 22 October 2009, followed by Win 8 on 26 October 2012, Win 10 arrived on 29 July 2015, and after that When will Windows 11 be released ??? The answer is Win 11 will likely end some 2021 or until 2022.

If you want to see its preview, you can know about its features and which features have been added by downloading its demo version.

And for those who do not want to download and watch, I would like to give a little more information about Windows 11 here.

Microsoft has brought Win 11 after six years, so it has a lot of great features available.
If those people do not know What is Windows 11? then I will just explain them to them.

Windows 11 is an operating system that runs your computer or laptop, which means understand that it is its life, it is like its heart, without an operating system you cannot run your computer.

Like any Android, iOS, if you use mobile, then it has its operating system. by which it runs.
So Win 11 which is its updated OS (Operating System).

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Very Important Updates about Windows 11 Pro 2021

Requirements For Windows 11

Now let’s talk about the Windows 11 requirements, which configuration you will need to install, we will know whether it will run on your current computer or not.

Windows 11 requires your computer or laptop to have.

  1. 1.2 GHz or more GHz of processor
  2. 4 GB or more of RAM (Random Access Memory).
  3. 15-20 Gb Hard Drive Space to install the OS (Win 11 operating system)
  4. A monitor which is supports at least 720P resolution.

Will my computer support Windows 11?

Right now some of the people must be wondering whether Win 11 will support our computer or not.

I also want to tell you about this let’s assume that your computer is full of all the requirements for Win 11, but your computer is 5 or 6 years old, then Windows 11 will be installed on your computer. But your computer will start working slow.

Because Windows 11 is built according to the current hardware and software.

I want to tell you my experience my laptop has an Intel i3 4th generation processor whose Speed was 1.7 GHz Ram was 4 GB, 1 TB of hard drive, 2 GB of Nvidia graphics card was installed.

So I just recently tried to install Windows 10 and it was done.
But my laptop started working very slow, no app was even open on my laptop, chrome was also not working properly, the laptop was so slow.

I did not know why this is happening, after doing a lot of research, I came to know that this is happening because of installing Win 10.

Because my laptop was 5 years old, which was not compatible with Win 10.
I reinstalled win 8, right now my laptop is working great.

So if your computer is 4-5 years old then it will not work properly on your computer

How to Download or Update to Windows 11

Windows 11′s final release date is yet to decide, and when it is released, you can update this OS in your computer’s system update, then it will be downloaded automatically if you use Windows officially.

If you use Pirates, then it will not let you download it, your computer may also be harmed.

You will find the download links for Windows 11 available on some websites, but I would like to recommend that you do not download it until Win 11 is officially launched.

Yes, you can watch it by downloading it on a computer in which some of your important data is not available on your system or does not use any system.

And I want one thing, as soon as Windows 11 is released, you will download it for free, after that you may not know that Microsoft will make it chargeable.

What features will you get in Windows 11

Win 11 is a fully updated OS in which you will get

  • The menubar will be seen in the middle of the taskbar, not in the left sidebar like the old OS.
  • In this, you will also get dark mode with the default theme as we do it in mobile so that the eyes do not suffer much.
  • A lot of changes have been made in the warning sound, alarm sound, notification sound.
  • In the earlier OS, you get to see applications shape with pointed and sharp cursing, but in this, you will get the shape of the apps as rounded like the apps of iPhone are seen. Which looks very fresh.
  • Whenever you use to multitask, you will get to see nice animation of split-screen, also you can keep multiscreen in the group or keep single as you want.
  • There were some problems in Windows 10 that have all been removed and rectified in win 11.
  • An important feature that you can run Android apps in it, earlier you had to install BlueStack software to run Android apps, now there is no need for that, you can run whatever apps you want in your computer in Win 11’s OS.
  • The app key icon in Win 11 is designed very well and looks quite different.
  • There will be more such features in Win 11 which we do not know yet, when it is officially launched, then we will know all. what features does it have.

How to Install windows 11

Win 11 is not released by the way but if you download it from any website then I will tell you how to install it.

To install Win 11, you have to download this file of Win 11. From whichever website you want to download.

You will need an 8-16 GB Pendrive to make it bootable.

You will find the process of making a bootable Pendrive online, you can make a bootable Pendrive with the software named RUFUS.

After launching the software, the ISO you downloaded has to be run in that software.
Win 11 will flash on your Pendrive.

After that, you have to restart your computer and when it will restart, you have to go to the bios setting and select the primary device Pendrive.

As you select the Pendrive option, Win 11 installation will start, it will ask you the time, language, country, after selecting all that you have to click on install.

After selecting the partition, you have to select which drive you want to install.

After doing all this process your OS will start to be installed.,and you are all set to use it.



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