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9 Proven Reasons Why You Should Buy Inverter AC || Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC 2021

Inverter AC Vs Non Inverter AC: Have you ever thought about which is the best AC for you, I mean Inverter AC or Non Inverter AC? You might have no idea or less idea but you should go for Inverter AC due to having extra ordinary features than Inverter AC which is we are going to discuss in this entire article.

Before buying the AC you must have knowledge about how to buy AC so that you can not feel regret after buying it and you might not think that I wish I were gone through the buying guide before purchasing.

In this article, we are going to explore the difference between the Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC and which is the better, and which one you should buy.

So, without wasting time, Let’s Start!

There are many aspects and features which differ both types of AC than each other, we will see one by one each of them.

Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC

There are many differences between Inverter AC and non inverter AC which makes the inverter AC better when we compare both of them and I will also educate you why you should buy the Inverter AC for long term security in this article.

Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC


In a normal AC i.e. Non Inverter AC, the compressor runs at a fixed speed that means it cools the room to the desired temperature and cuts off till the room gets warm again.

And hence the temperature of the room gets high, the compressor restarts again itself, and this procedure repeats again and again until you switch the AC off.

For example, if you have set the temperature of 250 C, then when the temperature of 250 C is achieved, compressor located in the outdoor unit stops working.

Again the temperature of the room reaches around 270 C, it starts with a fixed speed to achieve the set temperature by you and it consumes more electricity.

Whereas in an Inverter AC, the compressor runs at a variable speed which means it adjusts with a slower speed when desired or set temperature is achieved and speeds up when the temperature rises.

For example, if you set the 250 C temperature, and soon the 250 C is achieved, the compressor doesn’t entirely stop but but it maintain the minimum speed and when the temperature rises more than 260 C, it slowly increases the speed and again make it up to 250 C.

Energy Consumption

Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC

In the normal or you can say non inverter AC, the large amount of power is consumed each time when a compressor restarts and it is due to frequent On and Off the compressor and that’s why the non inverter AC consumes the more energy.

Whereas the inverter AC consumes less energy, you might be thinking that in the noninverter AC the fan in inverter AC runs continuously, then How it consumes less energy, right?

The reason behind is that when the compressor restarts itself, the current or electricity or energy required is 3 times higher than the continuously running.

That’s why the normal AC consumes the more energy than the inverter AC.


In the case of normal AC, the outdoor unit of AC creates the more noise in compare to the inverter AC.

The compressor frequently gets on and off which causes the reason of producing the significant noise frequently.

Whereas in the case of inverter AC the compressor motor does not go for on and off all the time, so that the operation becomes much quitter.

Compressor Auto Shutdown

The compressor of normal AC switches on and off frequently and it works on either full power or no power for maintaining the required temperature of the room.

Whereas in the case of the inverter AC the compressor of AC runs all the time without stopping regularly to regulate the required temperature of the room.

Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC

Electricity Bill

I think this is the point which you are looking for in the entire article, and it must be, because every cent matters.

The energy consumption in normal AC is high, hence the electricity bill is high and while comparing it with the inverter AC, it uses less energy so that you will get less electricity bill.

You will be surprised that the electricity bill of inverter AC is 30% to 50% less than the normal AC.


In the normal AC, the cooling is uneven because the compressor of AC on and off frequently, so that it can not maintain the temperature as well as cooling.

Whereas in the case of inverter AC, the compressor runs constantly, and as a result of it, the cooling remains even because the compressor never goes off and the room can be maintained at a constant temperature.


In the non inverter AC the difference between the indoor temperature and set temperature is more and as a result of that the comfort level is low.

Whereas the difference between the indoor temperature and the set temperature is very less hence the comfort level is very high in comparison to the normal AC.

Inverter AC VS Non Inverter AC

Compressor Efficiency and Ozon Friendly

In the normal or non inverter air conditioner, the efficiency is less as compared to the inverter AC.

Most of the normal air conditioners use the R22 Refrigerant which contains HCFC means Hydro Chloro Floro Carbon and additional chlorine component destroys the Ozone layer of the earth.

Always inquire about the refrigerant used in the system as some installers prefer to continue using the R22 refrigerant with HCFC as it is cheaper than R410A or R32 hence that cost is low.

Most of the inverter AC use the R410A or or R32 Refrigerant which are Ozon friendly and this refrigerant contains only HFC that is Hydro Floro Carbon and that’s why the inverter AC is the Ozon friendly.

Cost of Normal AC VS Cost of Inverter AC

Normal air conditioners are less costly in compared to the inverter AC, where as the inverter ACs are expensive but they are the long term investment which offers the benefits in the form of the Low maintenance, Less power bills, and better performance.

If we take an example of Daikin brand, the price of 1 Ton-3 star-Copper Coil AC, it stars with Rs. 29,000 where as the inverter AC of the same features starts with Rs. 32,000.

Now the difference between both AC and the difference between the price between both are completely understood.

Conclusion- Which AC You Should Buy?

After reviewing all aspects of the both types of AC, it is very strongly recommended that you buy an inverter AC because it is value for money.

It is very foolishness that we pay the more and more electricity bill with the high expense of maintenance to save just some amount which is one time expense.


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