Wix Vs Bluehost – Comparision 2021 – Which is Best

bluehost vs wix

Wix Vs Bluehost: Wix and Bluehost are both high-quality ways to build a website, but there are some differences between them both Here, people make the mistake to understand which one they should opt for the website.

Bluehost is the hosting provider where you can host your site, manage the servers to keep it associated with the internet connectivity, in addition, the hosting providers are supposed to only providing the hosting, they do not help to design your website.

The responsibility to design your website is totally yours.

Wix is the website builder where you can design your website totally without having external tools or plugin support, and Wix can also provide you the hosting, but the hosting is not as good as the Bluehost.

Both are better, if you want high security for your website with designing assistance, Bluehost is good for you, and if you want to make your site more and more stylish, then Wix is a better option for you.

Wix Vs Bluehost

Wix Vs Bluehost

The major difference between Wix Vs Bluehost is that the Bluehost is the hosting provider, so the focus of Bluehost is on providing the hosting and security with space and services which are the main resources of website building.

Whereas Wix is the website builder that focuses on designing assistance and designing tools to make them more stylish websites.

Wix Vs Bluehost

If you are making a website like Portfolio in which there is not much more content, you can choose the Wix but if you are making the Blog, or website like business-related, content-related, marketing-related where you need more extra plugins, you should choose the Bluehost.

Secondly, Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, and WordPress is the biggest platform for website building in the world.

Wix Vs Bluehost: Pros and Cons

Wix and Bluehost are some of the best resources for building the website, hence both are good in some aspects and also missing something in some aspects.

It’s advisable to go through their Pros and Cons so you can get nearly an exact idea about both.

Wix Vs Bluehost

Bluehost Pros and Cons


  • Prices are cheaper than Wix’s
  • Server resources are more reliable. For example, you’ll get more storage space and a higher uptime guarantee
  • Can combine with WordPress for near-limitless design freedom


  • Not an all-in-one package – you’ll have to make your own arrangements for actually designing your site
  • Limitless customization means a more complex design process, too

Wix Pros and Cons


  • Much easier to use than Bluehost. You can get a professional site up and running quickly
  • Pre-designed templates make editing simple, and they’re still very sleek
  • All-in-one package – Wix hosts your website for you


  • Server resources are not as powerful or secure as Bluehost’s
  • Design customization is a lot more limited
  • Plans are more expensive than Bluehost’s

Pricing – Wix Vs Bluehost

There is a very huge difference between the pricing of Wix vs Bluehost, but both value for money because the purpose and functions of both are different.

Bluehost’s basic plan starts with $2.95, in which you get the basic services, with limited space whereas Wix’s basic plan starts with the $4.36 in which you get good enough services.

Both have Basic, normal, and Pro or Premium Plans, and services are different too.

In the Bluehost, you must have a custom domain to set up a website, because Bluehost does not provide its subdomain, yes you get one free custom domain while purchasing the Bluehost hosting service.

Whereas in Wix, if you do not have the custom domain, still you can start to build the website, as you can assign the subdomain like yourname.wix.com/customname.

  • Up to 500 MB storage
  • Up to 500 MB bandwidth
  • Tips and guidance on using the website editor

In the Wix, creating the website by drag and drop feature is super, whereas Bluehost does not cover this feature, you need to customize it from your end.

Wix is able to design your website by itself, you just need to click on auto-create, it will create the website with the best templates and the best color combinations.

In the Bluehost, there is no kind of feature.

If you want to show your website super, you can go with Wix and if you want the excellent performance of your website, you should opt for the Bluehost.

Bluehost- Extreme Performance

As a hosting service provider, Bluehost offers extraordinary features on the real worker your site is facilitated on.

These features assist your site with performing, which means it can stack quicker and oblige more guests all at once.

Be that as it may, with regards to the site’s look and feel, you’ll either need to move to a CMS like WordPress or settle for one of Bluehost’s fundamental site layouts.

You can also read the Bluehost review for better information.

Wix for Excellent Apperance and Look at once

As a web builder, Wix has your site for you.
This implies you will not need to stress over any specialized cerebral pains, however, it additionally implies you will not approach as much data transmission or capacity as you would with your own facilitating supplier (albeit little to moderate size sites will not actually need a bigger number of assets than Wix can give).

Wix’s great site formats and inherent, the simplified supervisor makes it incredibly simple to plan a shocking site without anyone else.

Conclusion:- Wix Vs Bluehost

Wix Vs Bluehost

Before purchasing any of both Bluehost and Wix, you must be cleared with your requirements, intense and need, because both are similar but quite different.

Wix does not need any kind of coding knowledge, it’s just a simple drag and drop website builder, yes you will not be able to get any extra support from external sources.

Whereas, in the Bluehost, you can use many of plugins, Themes, External CSS.

One thing I want to mention is that if you need only Drag and Drop based website, you can also do it in the Bluehost.

In WordPress, you can use the page builders which are specially made for making the pages and website by simply doing the drag and drop.

Like, Elementor, Divi, Thrive, Architect, Brave Builder, and other many page builders are there which are providing the drag and drop feature to design the website.



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