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Web Hosting GuideBluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting Detailed Explanation 2021 - Best Explained

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting Detailed Explanation 2021 – Best Explained

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared: Bluehost is recommended hosting provider WordPress by its features, and the reason that we need to consider Bluehost one of the best hosting providers is that more than 85% of websites are built on the wordpress.

If you are not sure about Bluehost, you can also check the Detailed Review of Bluehost and can make up your mind about the right decision.

If you are projecting to start a blog, or website, or an e-commerce site, in every aspect you need a domain and hosting both.

There are also free hosting available, but they are not recommended, yes if you are a beginner and in the state of learning website building or blogging, then you can go for it in an initial period.

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting

Hosting Short Explanation

The hosting stands for space you acquired on the rent where your site has been hosted i.e. your all the data of your website, like images, videos, content, texts, emails, and domains.

You can access your hosting by the particular IP address and can modify it whenever you want.

To make the ease of understanding you can say that Hosting is one type of a very huge computer with almost unlimited capabilities to perform the tasks in a time of milliseconds.

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting

Where you have occupied some part of it, it is called your hosting.

When you purchase hosting, the owner of that server allots you some space according to the plan where you can host and manage your website with the domain.

Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

Let me explain the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting by the real-life example.

If you opt for the rented house, the real rent is too high that you can not afford but you want that house, now what will the landlord do that he will share your home with other ranty also and he or she will pay the rest amount.

So, as a result, you got what you wanted and the landlord got his actual price of the rent for the home gave you.

And at the second end, if you do not want to share your home with anyone, you will be ready to pay the full amount of that home and no one will be able to access your home.

In the first scenario, you are sharing your space with another person by paying the half amount, i.e. shared hosting.

And in the second scenario, you are paying the full amount that the landlord asking and the whole home is yours, i.e dedicated or cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting

When you opt for the shared hosting, then the IP address of your hosting is not only yours, the company will share the space and IP with other users also and will provide them the hosting service.

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have bought a full server from the hosting provider, and no one can access it part from it, and the whole package is yours.

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting

Bluehost Overview

Bluehost is one of the reputed, trusted, and best hosting providers amongst all, and has been providing hosting services for many years.

Yes, it’s a little bit expensive, but quality asks for value, right?

Bluehost is a very popular hosting provider for its quality and service with integrated featured plans with budget-friendliness.

It’s providing three kinds of plans for its valuable customers.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated (Cloud Hosting)
  • VPS Hosting

Bluehost offering many plans for its customer by taking care of the user’s budget, state, and level.

Bluehost was founded in 2003, and since 2003, it has maintained its position in the market of hosting providers on the top.
Mission: to empower people to fully harness the web.
2+ Million websites have been hosted on Bluehost
750+ vast team is dedicated to helping our customers around the clock:- 24/7

Bluehost Cloud Vs Shared Hosting

Bluehost is taking care of each kind of blogger and website builder and that’s why it has not limited its services.

Bluehost is committed to provide every kind of service with quality in terms of hosting plans and hosting nature with the wide space.

Although other hosting providers are also providing dedicated and shared hosting, Bluehost has been recommended by the wordpress.

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost has 4 Plans in the shared hosting.

According to the Bluehost recommendation, Choice Plus is the best for you due to its features the price.

In the shared plans and even in the basic plan, Bluehost is providing SEO Tools that are not provided by any hosting provider available in the market.

The common feature and service which is available in each plan of Bluehost are that you will be provided 1 Domain free for one year and a Free SSL certificate.

The price of each plan varies with the tenure of the service you choose, if you opt for 3 years plan, you have to pay less per month than you opt for the 1-year plan.

So, it’s recommended that you check the price on the Bluehost official site.

If you opt for the shared plan of Bluehost, you will be getting the below services included in the package.

  • Domain Manager
  • Resource Protection
  • Scalability
  • SSL Certificates

If you are having a good budget and want to enhance your site security and capabilities, you can opt for the below addons as well.

  • Multi-Server Management
  • Access Control
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Advanced Capabilities
  • Unique IPs
  • Domain Privacy
  • SiteLock
  • CodeGuard
  • Spam Protection

Bluehost Cloud Hosting

In the price of dedicated hosting and shared hosting, there is a huge difference due to the features and services.

In cloud hosting, you will never face the speed issue because your server has not been shared with anyone, you are the owner of the whole server which you are using to host your website.

In Cloud hosting, you get everything private.

  • Seperate 8 cores @ 2.20 GHz
  • Mirrored SSD Storage
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • IP Address

With the opting of the Bluehost Cloud Hosting Service, you will be getting the below services.

  • Powerful Configurations
  • Extreme Speed
  • Fast Provisioning
  • On-Demand Support
  • Server Specialists
  • Personalized Ecosystem
  • Maximum Control
  • Improved cPanel
  • Access Control
  • Domain Privacy
  • SiteLock
  • Spam Protection

Should I purchase Cloud hosting if I am a blogger?

If you are a new blogger and starting your blogging career, you should go for Shared hosting with a small plan.
Because cloud hosting is more costly, and a person having a big company or want to start an e-commerce site for his or her business on a huge base, cloud hosting is recommended for them.

Why Cloud hosting is too costlier than shared hosting?

In shared hosting, you are sharing your space with other people so a company can get the actual revenue of the cost by sharing one space with more than one person.
Whereas in cloud hosting, you are not allowing the company to share your space with anyone, so you have to pay the total cost of the dedicated CPU or server which you are acquiring to host your site or domain.


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