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GamingGaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse - Best Guide 2021

Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse – Best Guide 2021

Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse: If you are a bike rider and fond of the thriller ride, can you please answer me whether you will be enjoying the thrill riding with the normal traditional bike?

You answer is definitely No!

Because you know that the features, parts, and materials of the normal bike are not able to perform the thrill riding and in spite of having the full knowledge, practice and skills you will not win.

Similarly, if you are a gamer, and love to play the games, the pro and experienced gamers always advise to have the special gaming accessories and gadgets to play the games.

If we talk about the gaming mouse, it’s quite different than a regulars mouse in terms of features, quality, materials and cunstruction.

Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse – Difference

Have you ever tried to know that why there is a big difference between the regular mouse and gaming mouse?

Because the gaming mice have been made specially for gaming activity, hence you can use them also as a regular mouse, but you can not use the regular mouse as a gaming mouse if you want to be a pro gamer.

There are many difference between their DPI, Buttons, Number of Buttons, Sensors and other functions.

In this article, we will explore those differences which will educate you about the Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse.

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Buttons of Gaming Mouse and Regular Mouse

I do not need to tell you that there are only two buttons in the regular mouse: 1- Left Click and 2- Right Click and one scroller.

You can not play the high and advanced technology games like PUB-G, GTA and other popular games properly.

Left click can perform only the function of left click and right click can perform the function of right click.

Max to max you can interchange their functions with each other, nothing else.

So that the gaming mouse is invoked here to make your gaming easy and smooth.

In the gaming mouse, there are more than 5 buttons and all are customizable that you can customize them according to your ease and practice.

Like if you are PUB-G lover and you wish that you can fire a bullet by your thumb, you can customize the thumb button for firing.

Where as in the normal mouse, you have to shoot by either left click or right click.

Another example is of reloading the gun, if you are playing with the normal mouse, you have to click on “Reload Gun” again and again.

Whereas if you are playing with the gaming mouse, you can customize one button for reloading the game and whenever your bullets are finished, you have to just press that button, and bullets will be reloaded.

How easy it is!

Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse

If you want to buy the gaming mouse, there are very good quality of gaming mouse are available on amazon.

The benefit of Size Adjustment: You can adjust the size of the Gaming Mouse

You will be surprised to know that a gaming mouse is not made with one material, you can customize the modules according to your grip and can change the size of your gaming mouse to adjust with palm and grip.

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse

If you have a normal mouse, you have to adjust your grip to hold and move the mouse but if you have the gaming mouse, you can adjust the size of the gaming mouse rather than adjusting your palm and grip.

Because everyone has different size of palm and fingers which can create huddles while playing the game.

So this is one of the biggest benefit of the gaming mouse.

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse

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Ease of Adjusting of Weight

Again it’s time to get surprised that you can customize the weight of your gaming mouse if you are used to using the lighted weighted or heavily weighted mouse.

If you are used to moving or holding the light-weighted mouse, you can make your gaming mouse light-weighted and if you are used to holding or moving the heavily weighted mouse, you can customize it accordingly.

In the gaming mouse, you are given the different modules of weights that you can fix and use so you can customize it according to your holding capacity and moving ease.

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse

Sensor: Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse

There are two types of the sensors used to configure the mouse.

  • Laser Sensor
  • Optical Sensor

Both sensors are pretty much useful, in most gaming mice, the laser sensors are used to achieve the best quality of sensitivity.

Even if you do not have a smooth mouse pad, the gaming mouse made with the laser sensor works well.

Optical sensor is also too good for making the gaming mouse, and some manufacturers are using it as well.

DPI: Dots Per Inch

DPI implies when you move the cursor, at that point how quickly it will move to start with one point then onto the next point, relies upon the DPI of the gaming mouse.

On the off chance that you have a high DPI gaming mouse, the speed of moving of cursor starting with one point then onto the next point will be quick.

Presently you may be feeling that you will purchase a high DPI gaming mouse, correct?

No, here you will do an extremely serious mix-up.

On the off chance that you utilize a high DPI gaming mouse, there are numerous odds to diminish the precision, and furthermore don’t pick the extremely low DPI gaming mouse since it will postpone to point and shoot.

The best and standard DPI is between 400-550.

While buying the gaming mouse, you need to confirm that gaming mouse ought at the very least 400 DPI.

Presently, regardless of whether you are accustomed to playing with a high DPI of more than 550 and you are OK with it, at that point it’s great.


I believe now you are totally educated with the difference between the Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse.

I have seen many gamers struggling with the quality of gaming due to not having enough information about the technology.

And really I have come in contacts of some gamers who are really not aware about the gaming mouse.

I strongly recommend you to have a good quality of the gaming mouse if you really want to enjoy the gaming by soul.



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