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TechRFID Chip, Future of Your Identity

RFID Chip, Future of Your Identity

If you are a student, till how long you will be hanging your ID car in your Neck, it feels very tired, right?
We are living in a time of technology, why should we not say bye-bye to the old and traditional art of living?
Yes, here we are going to explore one very upcoming (in fact, already launched) latest technology which is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Here we are going to acknowledge you about that chip that will be implanted in your body and will reflect your identity to the gadgets and machines Which is Called RFID Chip.

You would be thinking what is this chip and how it works and how it can disclose our identity to the machine and gadgets, isn’t it?

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What is RFID Chip

You might have seen Hollywood movies, in which a device-like chip is installed in the body of a person.
That chip carries all the data about that person who is unlocking the devices, like doors, computers, mobiles, and everything, right?
So, there is a very small device which is called the RFID Chip, in which all the data of a person is stored and he can access it to unlock the other devices.
The data stored in that chip exists in the digital form which can not be read by a person, it is only readable for the devices.

Can RFID Chips be used in Real Life

These technical chips are already being used in real life.
Yes, some companies are installing these technical chips in the body of their employees.
Here, one thing should be noticed it is not compulsory to implant this chip for every employee, it depends on the willingness of the employee.

What is the Use of RFID Chips

After installing the chip in the body of a person, he does not need to enter the password to unlock the computer or mobile.
He will just put the fingers on the laptop or computer and that device will read the data and unlock it.
In the companies, the swipe cards or access cards will be disappeared in the upcoming few years.
While doing online payments in malls, and other places, you will not have to keep your mobile, credit card, debit card, or any physical device or thing with you!

Isn’t it amazing?

Sometimes you may have observed that if you purchase something from the mall and forget to pay for it, and as long as you exit from the mall, the alarm starts to ring, isn’t it?

This alarm is thanked for this RFID chip technology!

What is the Size of RFID Chip

If you are thinking that it is very painful and difficult to implant this chip in your body, then you are wrong.
The size of this tech chip is not bigger than one piece of rice!
Once it is installed in your body (generally, in the backside of your palm), then after you do not need to carry the access card, Driving License, Credit Card, Debit card, or any document.

Your Identity will not be Stolen (Hacked)

We read or hear one common news many times that someone has hacked someone’s bank accounts and transferred dollars, right?
In the current trend, frauds call you and ask for OTP, the digits of your credit or debit card and steal the money.
This cheap will prevent you from this kind of fraud.
If you are working in any company, then your ID, Password, or other details will not be sharable without your permission.
Even your IT department will not be able to access your data.

How RFID Chips are Implanted

The method and technology of implanting this technical cheap are not different than injecting the medicine into our body.
Yes, you are reading the truth!
The method of installing this cheap is exactly the same as injecting the medicine and the pain is quite the same.

Does Battery or External Power Need to Run This Chip

Of course Not!
This cheap will not need any battery or any external power to work.
This is a Passive RFID Chips where it answers in the form of coming electromagnetic waves coming from the sender devices.
In this case, it does not require any battery or cell or any internal or external energy to work.

What is the Future of This Chip

There is not any question of the future about the technology.
Because Technology is the Future itself.
Day by day the use of this chip is getting increased and many people are allowing this voluntarily.
In some countries, it is under development and observation and some countries are already using it.
In the near future, all the physical data devices will be disappeared and will be replaced with RFID chips.


This technology seems somehow scary as it is like playing with our health and life, but it is also damn sure that it will become officially and publically until it ensures 101% same and harmless.
As we informed earlier, some countries have declared it publically and allowed the people to implant it if they want.


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