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How to Soundproof Apartment Ceiling – Best Solution 2021

Soundproof Apartment Ceiling: If you are living in an apartment or flats construction, I can assume how much kind of sound and noise disturbance you are facing while doing your work.

Especially, during the Covid-19 duration, most of the organizations are preferring work from home to fulfill the security and safety aspects.

In this time, I assume that you are also one of that people who are doing the office work from the home.

I don’t know where you are living, but if you are reading this article, then I can strongly believe that you are living in an apartment and facing problems with unwanted sounds.

But you should not worry, only one question and problem is unanswered in this world yet : “What happens after death?”

Apart from this, each and every problem has solution, we just need to focus and find the solution.

Now it’s time to be relax for you because in this article, I am going show you the permanent solution of your problem.

So just be relax and keep reading ????

Before discussing about how to soundproof apartment celling, let’s explore the types of ceilings.

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Types of Ceilings

It’s not quite mandatory to know about the types of ceilings while soundproofing the ceilings but it’s necessary to have enough knowledge about what we are going to do.

So we’ll just have overview about the types of ceilings.

There are two types of ceilings.

  • Drywall Ceiling
  • Dropped or Suspended Ceiling

Drywall Ceiling

Drywall (additionally alluded to as plasterboard and sheet rock) is contained gypsum that is enveloped by thick pieces of paper.

While drywall has soundproofing characteristics, much of the time, the drywall used to build roofs aren’t adequately thick to effectively dispense with the exchange of commotion.

Dropped or Suspended

Dropped or suspended roofs are viewed as optional roofs, as they are in a real sense suspended or “dropped” from the underlying roof above them.

The way where these roofs are developed takes into account soundproofing, in that they decouple; that is, they make a space between the condo/room/office, and so forth above you and your room/office/parlor, and so on

Nonetheless, regardless of this soundproofing quality, there are regularly different components situated between the dropped roof and the primary roof it’s appended to that make pathways for sound to go through, like light apparatuses and ventilation work.

How to Soundproof apartment Ceiling

It becomes easy to soundproof the ceiling of the apartment when we have enough knowledge about what and why we are going to do it.

Now, there are multiple sources and ways to soundproof the ceiling of apartment.

You just have idea about the type and nature of your apartment ceilings and it causes the ease of work in terms of soundproofing.

In this article, I will show you the major and effective ways to soundproof the apartment ceiling that will give you proper and enough worth against the money you spend.

Install an Additional Layer of Drywall

The one way is quite harder that you can replace your standard ceiling with the soundproof drywall, but I do not recommend it personally.

The reason behind it is that it will increase your budget as by installing the additional layer of dry wall will be affordable for you.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to supplant your current drywall roof, think about introducing an extra layer of drywall.

Adding a layer of drywall will assist with encouraging assimilation both airborne and effect clamor, in this manner limiting the entry of sound waves from the space above you and through your roof gathering.

Soundproof Apartment Ceiling
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Install Acoustic Tiles

This is my recommended way to soundproof your apartment ceiling.

The establishment of acoustic tiles can be a powerful soundproofing solution for both drywall and dropped roofs. These tiles are built of fiberglass and better quality tiles highlight a layer of MLV or sound-intruding on foil.

The tiles are held set up with a metal framework, similar to the one you may have set up on the off chance that you have a suspended roof. On the off chance that you have a drywall roof, you can utilize specific clasps, which can be in a bad way into the drywall and the rear of the boards, to moor the acoustic tiles set up.

On the other hand – and for significantly simpler establishment on a drywall roof – acoustic boards can be gotten set up applying development glue to the rear of each board and joining them to the roof. Once appended, use screws or nails to additional safe the boards to the roof.

Acoustic Foam Panels 2″ X 12″ X 12″ Acoustic Foam Panels


Put Up Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam works similarly to acoustic tiles.

Regularly, they’re simpler to introduce than the previous and they’re more affordable.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that they may not be as stylishly satisfying, as this froth appears to be like an egg box (note – egg containers don’t function admirably as a soundproofing material ).

In any case, whenever organized in an example – switching back and forth among vertical and level situating – you can make them really satisfying.

Acoustic froth is generally sold in boards that shift in size; 1 square-foot, for instance.

You can apply development glue to the rear of the boards to tie down them to the roof; or, you can attach them set up with completing nails.

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Important FAQs

Can you soundproof a ceiling in an apartment?

Yes, you can definitely soundproof a ceiling in an apartment using the soundproof materials made with acoustic materials.
In this article, we have mentioned all the ways and best materials in very depth with details.
You can go through it and make your ceiling or apartment soundproof very tightly.

How do I block out the noise above my apartment?

By using the acoustic materials the noise coming from upper floor can be blocked almost totally.


I strongly advise you to do not to struggle with the unwanted noise coming from the surrounding atmosphere and your upper floor resident.

It’s quite true that you can not approach anyone to change his or her lifestyle or routine, but yes, you can prevent yourself from getting disturbed from them.

If you have seen the tortoise, it does not refuse anyone to attack it, as long as any animal attacks on it, the tortoise shrinks all organs under its shield and keeps itself safe.

Similarly, we can prevent our concentration by soundproofing our home rather than requesting to anyone to do not make a noise.


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