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How To Use Gear Fit 2 Phone App | Best Tips | 2022

Gear Fit 2 Phone App

In the sector of wearables, Fitbit is one of the maximum not unusual place names – it has finished close to ubiquity with the term ‘health trackers’, which in the film has helped it turn out to be the plain chief withinside the market. It facilitates that Fitbit has something for everyone – from the minimalist, swim-evidence Flex 2, to the sleek, elegant Alta, and from the do-it-all Charge 2, to the cumbersome Blaze; the simplest version with a shade display.

Fitbit has even received the likes of Pebble and Coin in recent months in an attempt to bolster its smartwatch-like offerings, and Samsung is nowhere close to as prolific. The Gear Fit 2 is the simplest of its 2d fitness-orientated offerings, however, after having spent over every week with it, we are able to say it’s as expert an attempt as any of Fitbit’s. In fact, the Gear Fit 2 feels similar to the right amalgamation of the Charge 2 and the Blaze, borrowing the format aesthetic of the preceding and melding it with the competencies of the latter – after which some.

It’s additionally gotten plenty higher when you consider its launch – Samsung delivered a guide for iOS in the latest update – that’s what makes this a far greater exciting product to review. A loss of iOS compatibility turned into one of the most important hassles with the authentic Gear Fit, and it’s been addressed.

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Look, Feel, And Navigation

Unlike its predecessor, the Gear Fit 2’s strap is designed better, with inside the feel that it’s a chunk extra flexible. It’s additionally absolutely lightweight – at 28g, it’s nearly 100g much less than the chrome steel Apple Watch. The reality that the shoe is now orientated horizontally instead of vertically makes it a lot simpler to apply the Gear Fit 2 at the same time as you’re carrying it.

Interestingly, the shoe is a fragment smaller than that of the Gear Fit, however without the older model’s off-setting bezels, it seems larger. The curved 1.5-inch Super AMOLED show at the Gear Fit 2 isn’t always simplest, amazing to appearance at, however additionally smooth to apply. Its primary trouble is that it’s simplest, pretty much seen in harsh daylight even at its most brightness. The non-capacitive shows on maximum Fitbits require you to press tough for them to respond, however, Gear Fit 2 works much like any smartphone; with the slightest of touches.

Just like with different wearables, the display comes on with a flick of your wrist. You also can use the 2 buttons at the right – the upper, larger one acts as’ Back’, and the decrease one capabilities as ‘Home’, and ‘Menu’ on a 2nd press. You contact the display to navigate and pick options, with the house display biking via your watch face, 24-hour log, exercising stats, step count, flooring climbed, coronary heart rate, and caffeine and water intake.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Software

Naturally, you could set up or eliminate those displays as you prefer, apart from the watch face which would most effectively be customized. There are extra than 1/2 of a dozen alternatives to choose from withinside the watch face menu, and you could download extra with the aid of going through the Galaxy Apps segment of the Gear Fit 2 app in your paired Android or iOS phone, or the standalone app on Samsung phones.

The keep isn’t designed or organized very well. Sadly, there’s additionally another important problem – Samsung has a long past with an ordinary localization and region-locking scheme. If you open the shop in India, you’re greeted with a Hindi interface, and there’s no manner to alternate that. This isn’t Argentina, in which everybody speaks the equal language – everyday reliance on Hindi turned into now no longer a terrific idea.

Also due to region-locking, a few apps, inclusive of Spotify, are most effective to be had to customers withinside the US. We discovered that we couldn’t even pass this limit for the use of a VPN client. The most effective manner to get around it is to first eliminate the SIM card, after which activate your VPN, after which reconnect. Thankfully though, the Gear Fit 2 isn’t seeking to be a smartwatch, that is to mention it slightly has any apps.

Beyond the aforementioned Spotify, the Galaxy Apps segment is packed with heaps of watch faces, however now no longer tons else. Samsung’s recognition with this wearable is squarely on health enthusiasts, who’ve verified to be tons large and extra inclined marketplace than humans shopping for general-reason smartwatches. To that end, Samsung has stuffed the Gear Fit 2 with the whole lot they might ask for, past the standard heart-price sensor and step-, floor-, calorie-, and sleep-tracking

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Activity Options And App Trouble

Like modern Fitbit products – the Charge 2, and the Blaze – the Gear Fit 2 is able to record a number of activities – be it running, walking, biking, and hiking. It can report your workout routines on an elliptical trainer, workout bike, step machine, treadmill, or rowing machine. It can matter your lunges, crunches, squats, and big-name jumps. It may even tune your pilates and yoga sessions. It helps auto-monitoring for aerobic exercises, so in case you head out for a run or move biking without telling your tracker, it’ll begin taking statistics automatically.

Impressively, Samsung has long gone past what Fitbit gives at this fee level. The Gear Fit 2 has integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, and a single-player (with 4GB storage), because of this you may depart your telecoil smartphone at the back whilst running out in case you desire. If you do have your telecoil smartphone with you (and if it’s an Android model), you may alternate song re assets among the Gear and the telecel smartphone. In addition to Bluetooth that’s required for syncing and notifications, you may use Wi-Fi to switch songs and preserve a far-off reference to your telecel smartphone outdoor Bluetooth range.

Speaking of notifications, the Gear Fit 2 can cope with each notification that looks for your smartphone, not like Fitbits which guide best calls, texts, and calendar appointments. It works in another way throughout Android and iOS, attributable to every platform’s design. On Android, you may choose the apps for which you’d like notifications on the setup stage.

You’re additionally given different options – to expose notifications best even as you’re sporting the Gear Fit 2, and to expose notifications even if you’re using your phone. On iOS, notifications for all programs have grown to become on via way of means of default. You can best block an app as soon as a notification pops up at the wearable, which then seems withinside the Gear app.

The Gear Fit 2’s complete variety of capability is uncovered best with a Samsung phone. You get greater granular manipulation over how notifications and calls are handled, as an instance, you may respond with preset messages. There’s additionally deeper integration with the company’s personal S Health app.

The app revels in though is pretty the opposite. If you’ve got a Samsung phone, you’ll want the Samsung Gear app to pair and manipulate your Fit 2; the S Health app to study your health data, and the Galaxy Apps to keep downloading apps. On the opposite hand, in case you use a non-Samsung Android device, you best want the primary two. Since all Galaxy apps are unique to Samsung devices, the downloadable apps segment is determined in the Samsung Gear app.

We used the Gear Fit 2 with an iPhone 6 Plus and a Lenovo Vibe S1 over the period of our evaluation period. While the iOS guide is high-quality to have, there are variations in what you may and can’t do to Apple’s restrictions. On an iPhone, all features are blended right into an unmarried app – known as the Samsung Gear Fit app. From pairing to viewing health facts to putting in new watch faces, the entirety receives treatment from inside the equal app.

It won’t make for a high-quality interface while you open the iPhone app, however, in different ways, it’s additionally the high-quality implementation to navigate and understand. What you won’t get on both Android or iOS is the capacity to sync health facts to Google Fit or Apple Health. Data hoarding of this type has sadly come to be common throughout manufacturers, with even Fitbit steadfastly refusing to paint with both surroundings so you must use its very own apps. While Fitbit – the company’s sole cognizance being health – has created one of the high-quality apps, Samsung nevertheless has a few ways to capture up, particularly in the way it shows all of the facts it collects.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Performance

Once you get beyond the confusion surrounding a lot of these app(s), the Gear Fit 2 excels at what it’s intended to do – health monitoring. Over the direction of more than one workout period which includes walks, runs and cycling, the Fit 2 confirmed excessive accuracy. We placed the Samsung wearable to the check towards mile-marker inscriptions on a route for reference, with its in-constructed GPS each on and stale at some point of the workout period.

The common mistakes price landed at around four percent, with a mean on foot distance of 2km. (The iPhone’s in-constructed GPS carried out marginally better, with a mistake price of three percent.) On one such walk, the Gear Fit 2 measured 1.8km, even as the milestones placed it at 1.9km.

You also can set the Gear Fit 2 to robotically hit upon whilst you’re taking a breather. It works amazing for the maximum part, keeping multiple system faults wherein it paused pastime monitoring due to the fact we had been on foot too slowly. You ought to in all likelihood see this technical incapacity as a nudge which you aren’t on foot speedy enough for it to rely on as a workout anyway.


The Samsung Gear Fit 2 isn’t only a large development over its predecessor, however, it redefines what you must assume at its fee point. It turned out to be priced at Rs. 15,000 at release similar to the Charge 2, however, each is actually to be had for around Rs. 12,000. Given a desire among the two, we need to notice that Samsung’s new wearable does a lot extra than the Charge 2 is successful of, or even eclipses the extra high priced Blaze version which nevertheless doesn’t have in-constructed GPS or complete notification support.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Tracks lots of varieties of exercise
  • AMOLED display screen seems awesome and makes navigation a breeze
  • Extended notification support



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